The best CV for applying in Overseas Recruitment Agency

The best CV for applying in Overseas Recruitment Agency

A person’s CV is its first impression for applying anywhere, it can be the reason for the beginning of anyone’s career or the reason for rejection. If you are passionate to start your career goals then your first step should be to invest all of your energy and thinking on creating a perfect resume and to make sure that it defines you in all aspects and contains requirements in a proper and suitable manner. Preparing a CV for applying in an overseas recruitment agency can be a little difficult because you have to focus on each requirement and requirements vary for jobs in different countries. As it is said that the first impression is the last impression and if you want to make your first impression a strong one then by following below tips may help you in preparing your CV for applying for overseas jobs.

Specific Guidelines:  Research about the job position and manpower recruiters where you want to apply and check if they had provided specific guidelines. If it does, then you must follow those guidelines very strictly. For example, some companies require a single-page resume while others require a double-page then prepare accordingly.

Contact Details: Make sure that your CV contains your complete and updated contact details such as you must include country codes in your mobile and phone numbers and country postal codes. Your address must be written in an appropriate way.

Qualifications: Your qualifications should be matching the job’s requirements so you must include relevant qualifications at top and refrain from using short forms instead write your qualifications in full forms. For Example, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

International or Domestic Experience:  If you have any experience of working in abroad or you have travelled abroad for any reason, you must add that because that shows that you know the rules of overseas countries and can easily settle in. Also, if you do not have any international job experience or travel experience but make sure you add your experience in relevant field for which you are applying.

Hobbies: Highlighting your personal interest and creative hobbies can also attract recruiters because they reveal your personality and shows that how do you manage your extra time by doing creative activities.

References: References should only be included if they are asked. The references should include the referees’ proper contact details with the international dialling code.


Overseas Employment Agency for Saudia Arabia

If you are applying for the first time for overseas jobs, then you must apply through overseas employment agencies in Pakistan as they help you in assessing your CV and help you in improving it. Al Ahdaf Recruitment Agency is one of the country’s friendly manpower recruiters that help the youth of the country to get the best jobs on overseas companies, especially in Saudia Arabia. Our services as overseas human resource company have helped many deserving candidates to get their dream jobs in foreign.

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