AL-AHDAF RECRUITMENT is a result of long experience with some of the leading companies in middle eastern region, a deep commitment to values relating to working in business, creating a long term partnership based on mutual trust & integrity, and enhancing skill level in an individual by making him a part of a progressive unit.

Our name is so central to who we are as the 1st part of it “AL-AHDAF ” clearly depicts our strategy of focusing on smaller goals driven by customer needs, quality of manpower & meeting deadlines. The second part ” RECRUITMENT ” is a shared Chemistry that we are committed to nurture with our clients by exceeding their expectations, bringing complete satisfaction by meeting their needs and becoming a part of their success.

Our valued clients find a new spirit of collaboration and more efficient way of working. We appose rigid formulation and hence welcome clients suggestion. We fully understand the importance of human resource for any project and we also know that our client is a flag bearer of his excellent reputation because of his quality & timely execution of his past projects.  Therefore, we make him a driving force and always gives priority to his terms and conditions and streamline those conditions into our day to day challenges.

Last but not least, we value our clients who helps our candidates in their career development and supports our agenda of community servicing and building a better Pakistan.

Thank you for your support in this exciting journey together.



AL-AHDAF RECRUITMENT stands proudly as one of the best emerging manpower employment opportunity provider in Pakistan. Our commitment is to shape the future of skilled, unskilled and semi skilled people of Pakistan by offering them excellent employment opportunities all over the world. We provide reliable platform, to the candidates as well as to the hiring organizations, in order to interact with each other for the purpose of headhunting.

We are supplying good quality, skilled & experienced individuals from Pakistan to our all valuable clients throughout the world especially in the Middle Eastern region for many years. Our existing clients firmly believe in our work ethics of providing transparency, efficiency and commitment to quality throughout the recruitment process.

AL-AHDAF RECRUITMENT Overseas employment promoter is working under the license No. OP & HRD / 4297 / RWP, which is recognized and approved from the Ministry of labor, Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment, Government of Pakistan. We are also a permanent member of Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoter Association (POEPA).

AL-AHDAF RECRUITMENT’S founder & CEO, Mr. Amer Ali Memon is a Pakistani national and has the in-depth knowledge and experience in the recruitment business since the last 15 Years. He develops high skills and reputation through his career as human resource consultant. He is a dynamic entrepreneur with good understanding of recruitment methods. Under his leadership, Al-Ahdaf recruitment established as a reliable HR consultancy firm in the region.


  • On receipt of Power of Attorney / Demand Letter / E-Waqala from our Principal, we obtain permission from the Protector of Emigrants, Governments of Pakistan and then advertise in leading Daily Newspapers.
  • Candidates are tested and interviewed by our technical staff in order to verify their working abilities, background and testimonials.
  • After preliminary selection by our technical staff, the candidates are now further produced before the Employer’s Representatives for their final selection procedure.
  • After final selection Medical Examinations are conducted.
  • In case of the recruitment for K.S.A, medical fit passports are being sent to Saudi Embassy / Consulate for the visa stamping procedure.
  • However, in case of recruitment for  U.A.E,  the scan copies of passports along with C.Vs & all other necessary documents for medical fit candidates are being sent to the Employer for M.O.L application procedure.
  • After getting Visas all the formalities, related to the Protectorate of Emigrants Government of Pakistan, are completed by us.
  • Airline reservations are arranged and our Principals are informed well in advance about the date, flight number, arrival time, etc. of the employees.
  • If employer desires so, we also arrange uniforms for the employees for easy recognition at the Airport.
  • A comprehensive orientation program about the country of deployment and the company is  arranged in order to prepare the candidates well before their departure date.


We need Power of attorney from the employer  appointing us as their Recruiting Agent in Pakistan to carry out all emigration related formalities, endorsement of visa from the relevant Consulate, and clearing from Protector of Emigrants, Government of Pakistan. This document should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (M.O.F.A) and the Chamber of Commerce (C.O.C) of the concerned country.


We also need Demand Letter, for the recruitment of required personnel giving their job description, number of personnel to recruited and Terms and Conditions of employment. This document should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (M.O.F.A) and the Chamber of Commerce (C.O.C) of the concerned country.