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Overseas employment companies are those firms which promote a country’s human resources to other countries by whom a country have a friendly relationship especially. They have an operating office in different countries and have links in national and multi-national companies, so whenever there is a demand of individuals for certain jobs, they hire those individuals from their local country and arrange them the necessities to employ them overseas.

Overseas promoters’ main task is to promote their country’s manpower and engage the correct individuals to the relevant job because from that foreign exchange can be earnt which plays an important role in a country’s economy especially in a country like Pakistan.

Role and Tasks of an Overseas Recruitment Company

First of all, an overseas company places an advertisement in a different medium like in print and in electronic media to gain the attention of those who are seeking jobs and possess the right type of qualification alongside with expertise and experience (if required). After the advertisement phase, they interview candidates and shortlist them which are to immigrate overseas.

Those shortlisted candidates are then given the list of required documents which are necessary for sending them abroad and placing on the specified job usually includes their passport, educational documents, certificates etc. In some cases, before sending them abroad, a medical test is required to ensure that the person is fully fit because it will be a waste of time and money too if they send an unfit person for the job and it will also bring down the reputation of that company.

After all this process, the agency sends the credentials of that candidate for the application of visa through the company which is in need of that individual. Overseas recruitment agency also arranges for the ticket after charging its cost from the person or it depends if visa or ticket is free from the side of employer company, so the candidate doesn’t need to pay for visa or ticket.

It is also the responsibility of the human resource company to receive the individual abroad and guide them through the way about their job and make preparation for travelling of the candidate to its job place.

Al-Ahdaf Manpower Recruiting Agency

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